Real Church #11

 The portable sign outside the renovated theater in downtown Hicksville OH
 assured us we were in the right place.
 Upon entering, we found tables of literature and refreshments,
 and were greeted by someone who introduced herself by her first name
(interestingly, this may have been only the second time in our eleven visits that this was done).

 Upcoming events were included in this informational folder.
As first-time attenders, we were handed a Welcome Bag.
One of us needed the mint at the bottom of the bag within minutes of receiving it!
 Below, the unique interior of the Huber Opera House...
Positive Features of this Real Small Church
(In addition to those listed above and as we experienced it one hour on one Sunday morning.
Not to be confused with the other 167 hours in the week.) 
  • Well trained, friendly greeters
  • Congregation stood in respect for the reading of Scripture
  • Many in audience turned in their own copies of the Bible to follow along as Scripture was read
  • Solid, relevant  and Biblical teaching
  • Use of technology
  • Pastor's prayer indicated an awareness/concern for overseas' missions, nation and community
  • Wide range of ages and stages of life represented in audience

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  1. Sounds like a nice church. I love that it is in an Opera House and it looks very much like an old cinema which I had hoped to make my home church a few years ago. The church was renting a very old cinema but sadly the cinema was sold to other interests.