Real Church #10

 Monroe, IN was our destination.
 We located the church via their website.
Entry doors were only one of the places the church's mission statement was posted.
 A fine greeting table inside the front entrance contained simple & attractive brochures
communicating basic information about the church.
The screen above it relayed current and relevant information as well.
Apparently there was no weekly "bulletin" or worship folder.
 Entering the sanctuary, we were struck by the simplicity of the platform.
It was consistent with the wording in the brochure--"We really try to keep things
simple and down to earth".
Positive Features of this Real Small Church
(In addition to those listed above and as we experienced it one hour on one Sunday morning.
Not to be confused with the other 167 hours in the week.) 
  • Many attenders carried their Bibles
  • Bells chimed before worship (It was the first Sunday of the month and apparently the people are trained to count the # of rings.  These represented significant and reported encounters of people with Jesus Christ over the past month.)
  • "Call to Worship" delivered reverently and clearly.  "Don't rejoice in the act but rejoice in the One who acts."
  • Excellent musicians
  • Unique use of keyboard in absence of drums, guitars, etc.
  • Technology used effectively
  • Good (outward) response to the clear invitation following the sermon
  • We received a personal invitation to attend small group following the worship service.
"Faith is tested every time you are asked to do the right thing"

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