Real Church #5

  It was our delight to visit Hopewell Church, Auburn, IN.
Visitor and handicapped parking signs were in abundance toward the front of the parking lot,
and a coffee bar greeted us inside the door.
    Having arrived a few minutes early, we meandered around the auditorium where we saw the
 purpose/mission statement attractively posted in back where everyone could notice it when exiting.
  We saw round tables stored unobtrusively in a back alcove ready to turn this
terrific sanctuary outfitted with comfortable chairs into another configuration entirely!
Positive Features of this Real Small Church
(In addition to those listed above and as we experienced it one hour on one Sunday morning.
Not to be confused with the other 167 hours in a week.)

  • Well maintained facility  
  • Capable musicians, including a flutist!  
  • Some harmony incorporated in music  
  • Music selections established God-focus (worship)   
  • Skillful use of technology 
  • Verbal reminder from pastor re. the church's mission statement  
  • Bulletin insert encouraged Scripture memory  
  • Sermon topic was handled skillfully, Biblically, clearly & practically
We are totally stumped about the unwanted text across the photo of the auditorium.
If anyone has an idea of how to eliminate it, PLEASE let us know!

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