Real Church #3

 Beautifully tended flowers were our visual welcome to the Corunna United Brethren in Christ Church on August 16th.
The "gardener" was one of the friendly people of this congregation who greeted us.
 As for the physical plant of the church, though an old building
it had been thoughtfully updated.
  The entry hall (accessible by at least two entrances) was conveniently arranged;
 the sanctuary well-lit and comfortable.
 A book table at the rear of the sanctuary silently encouraged quality Christian reading,
and the sound booth was unobtrusively located.
 The bulletin and its inserts were clearly printed and well-worded.

Positive Features of this Real Small Church 
(In addition to those listed above and as we experienced it one hour on one Sunday morning.
 Not to be confused with the other 167 hours in a week.)
  • Capable lay leadership during the worship hour
  • Announcements projected on the screen
  • An apparent missions emphasis
  • Friendly congregants
  • Nursery conveniently located
  • Participation by several generations
  • Children's sermon/talk 
  • Talented pianist whose sensitivity added to the worship experience
Pastor Paul's sermon (from a series on the book of Ruth) was scholarly and accompanied by notes to reinforce information.  The concept and wonder of redemption was also present in the children's talk. It was our pleasure to worship with the Corunna company. 

by Barbara Hirschy


  1. I find your church visits very interesting...I only get the opportunity to photograph them...never knowing the inside or people who attend. :) I look forward to more.

    1. Thanks, Dee. (It's been an interesting experience for us, too.)