Real Church #2

A photo of the interior of the Mount Victory church a while after the service ended..
 A board meeting followed the worship service, and several folk waited and visited here 
and in the back of the church.
A good-sized and well-placed sign identified the church clearly for passersby,
and after church industrious people chalked out placement for new lines on the well-paved surface
of the ample parking lot.
We unfortunately forgot to inquire about the cover of the bulletin
which we believe to be original art.
We enjoyed conversation with several friendly folk in this rural congregation
near Convoy OH..

Positive Features of this Real Small Church 

(As we experienced it one hour on one Sunday morning.
 Not to be confused with the other 167 hours in a week.)
  •  Good mixture of young and old congregants
  •  Lay participation
  •  Many people had their Bibles open during the sermon
  •  Enthusiastic start to the sermon
  •  Good percentage of worshippers attend Sunday school
  •  Well-paved parking lot and handicap accessibility
  •  Friendly people 
  •  Bulletin insert for writing notes from the sermon and specific challenges for the week
We were challenged by the Scripture on which Pastor Marvin's sermon was based -- Philippians 3:12-4:1.  There are obvious and dear traditions here that reflect the church's age and history..  Our prayers are with and for this Real Small Church as they seek and follow the Lord's direction for their future. 


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