Real Church #1

It was the first Sunday after our retirement sendoff at our own Real Small Church - South Scipio United Brethren in Christ Church, rural Indiana.  Unsure of where to worship, we decided to drive north to the Hudson United Brethren Church.  We had allowed plenty of time to get there, but ran into a road closure and arrived only minutes before the service began.
Friendly greeters, Bill and Peg, greeted us and handed us a bulletin.  Gary's colleague, Pastor Craig, also greeted us warmly as we entered the sanctuary.
We were struck by the beauty of the stained glass windows and the rich wood
incorporated into this old, traditional building.
Unfortunately, other photos of the interior didn't turn out well.
Behind and separate from the older building, a new fellowship hall.

  Positive Features of this Real Small Church 

(As we experienced it one hour on one Sunday morning.
 Not to be confused with the other 167 hours in a week.)
  • Words to music projected on a screen and hymnal numbers were also printed in the bulletin where appropriate.
  • Well-prepared, capable musicians.
  • Day's theme introduced at the beginning; several hymns/songs appropriate to the theme.
  • Friendly greeters.
  • Beautiful, traditional sanctuary with a well-placed modern nursery and restrooms well-marked and close to sanctuary
  • Several lay participants (musically; Scripture reading; ushers).
  • Readable print in bulletin
  • Sermon notes matched those projected on the screen
  • Round 3 of Summer Adventure; sounded like an interesting approach to encouraging summer  participation.
  • Sermon:  *The Prayer of Jabez (Blessing, Territory, Power & Protection)
  • Upcoming sermon series announced:  Preaching through the Bible/one book per Sunday.
*On the way home, we discussed the challenge of asking God to expand OUR territories (per the Prayer of Jabez) in this new season of our lives.  Encouraging pastors and wives of Real Small Churches is something we hope to do via face-to-face contacts and technology for the glory of God in the church and in Christ Jesus!  Details are a little hazy, but our God-confidence is high!


  1. I see many spiritual adventures ahead for you and Gary...pastor never truly retiree.:)

  2. Sounds like a ministry in the making :)

  3. We shall see :) We're available.